Slow Road Back

Trying to get my two main “heavy” lifts back to a respectable place.  My top bench is 365 and my top squat is 395.  Stuck at 320 on both of them right now.

Bench 135 x1 0; 225 x 8; 275 x 4; 315 x 1; 320 x 1

Squat same as above.

I also need to get my Pull Ups back up.  Used to be 10.  Stuck at 3.  It would help if I could lose the 35 pounds I put on since I was doing 10 reps.

Sucks getting old.

Modified Filthy Fifty

The real version of that workout is a nightmare.  I modified it so that I only have to do 25 of the easier items and 10 dips and 10 pull ups  .  I think this will be my “staple” workout and I’ll add one rep to each exercise per workout.  Hopefully, one day it really will be the Filthy Fifty.

Push Press
Box Jump
Pull Ups
Step Ups
Push ups
Squat Jumps