WHY BOUNDARIES ARE IMPORTANT – At The Border and In the Voting Booth

I thought to myself the other day, “What’s the big deal with open borders anyway? I mean, the European Union has open borders and they don’t seem to have any issues.” Well, beyond the mass migration that occurred over the past few years with hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees seeking access to various countries and the absolute crises that resulted, internal movement didn’t have a problem.

The United States has a severe migration crises over its southern border. The current administration is simply, and I mean literally, busing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants from the border to cities throughout the United States with the “stern warning” that they need to appear for their immigration hearing to determine if they can stay. What a fucking joke.

Borders are necessary as they determine how far one political entity can assert its power across land, sea and air. Does the Mexican government want the bozos in Washington D.C. passing legislation critical to Mexico? Of course not. No sane intelligent person could argue otherwise. Boundaries also establish “zones” were certain laws are to be applied and certain taxes levied against its inhabitants. Does Canada want its citizens paying taxes to the United States? Of course not. Borders also protect natural resources. Should Americans be allowed to waltz into any South American country and mine out its gold, silver, copper etc.?? Of course not.

It is argued that every country has the right to set its own rules for who may enter and leave, work, visit, do business, and reside within their borders. Well, except for the United States who is expected by other countries and by ultra socialist liberals to let anyone in at any time for any reason.

But, this blog post is not really about borders. It’s about boundaries. Or, perhaps rules would be a better term. There are rules which govern voting. Perhaps one of the most essential rules is that you need to be a citizen of a particular area, have a residentially related financial, legal, moral, educational interest in the voting zone. Why would I, who now reside in conservative Arizona, be allowed to vote in liberal NYC in an effort to change some socialist law? I shouldn’t. I have no interest there and I have no right to insert my political, moral, ethical, what-ever, feelings upon those citizens.

There is at least one member of the NY City Council who is trying to pass legislation to allow voting privileges to “non-citizens”. He estimates 800,000 new voters would be created for local issues. He argues, “Every human is a citizen of some country”. STOP. STOP. STOP. I agree, but what does that have to do with being allowed to vote in a country where you are NOT a citizen??

Essentially, foreigners will be allowed to dilute the vote of real NYC voters. Now, citizens of Red China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, etc can chose who is the Mayor of NY, who sits on the City Council, who is the district attorney, what is taught in schools. OH MY GOD !!!! Whose interests will these foreigners have? Hmmm, I wonder.

The liberals are trying very hard to dismantle our country. Their socialist agenda and desire to make us all one global country go forward every day. What is so shocking is that not one capitalist country has ever failed while socialist country after socialist country have failed economically, ethically, and politically.

I just don’t get it.

Facebook Venting?? Talk about “cry babies”…..

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about “venting” and “not being ashamed” so in response to those who “offer no apology” for supporting him. I’m gonna vent too.

I’ve also lived during the same presidential time periods you mentioned.  But, none of us, including you, can remember anything through from the early 60s to the Nixon Administration and I doubt you have any recollections of political happenings until, maybe, Clinton.  So knock off your bullshit.

Although presidents are scrutinized all the time, the reason why you’ve never “seen or heard” of anything like this before is BECAUSE of what comes out his mouth.  It is he who humiliates members of the public and the press; it is he who threatens to hurt people – well, that might be too strong, but he does use language and phrases encouraging violence against those who speak out against him; and stop crying for his “children”.  His “children” are adults and part of his administration.  One of them is a traitor who tried to collude with our enemies and outright sought their “information” on the other candidate.

Don’t be ashamed of your fellow countryman, be ashamed of the man who has no ethics, no manners, no semblance of statesmanship, no credentials nor ability to lead our nation.  Be ashamed of the boldness and uneducated comments you make in his support.  Be ashamed of your outright disregard and lack of recognition of the TRUTH.  Be ashamed of your “interpretations” of what he says – oh, he was only kidding; oh, what he says in public isn’t how he really feels – no, he means what he says.

I find it hypocritical for you to criticize members of the media for lying (Side note, those who do should be fired.  Someone should start a fake news section and have these trouble makers listed one by one.) when your guy outright lies almost everyday, and gets caught doing it.

If it is your contention that every other president wasn’t on the news 24/7 then you simply fail to realize your guy gives the press and comedians material every day.  He is on social media everyday.  Hey, I’ve got an idea – stop your foolish Twitter posting and get to running the country.

He has no filters, he has an inability to ignore the petty, almost childish arguments he gets himself into.  He has a shockingly high level of immaturity.

He is disrespected because he is disrespectful.  His administration is a joke and people  from other countries outright laugh at us when we visit their country.  I was just in Canada and someone actually laughed when I said where I was from.

You say enough is enough, I agree -enough is enough. He needs to be removed from office due to his incompetence and unstableness. Hopefully the 25th Amendment will relieve this country of the danger this man puts us in every day.