There’s No Such Thing As Objective Truth – WTF????

Can the world actually believe the absolute insanity that is coming out of Giuliani’s mouth lately. Truth isn’t truth. Everyone has their own truth. Oh man. There’s no such thing as objective truth. This guy is losing it too.

No Rudy. Truth is truth. Period. Alternative facts are lies. Period. Objective truth is exactly that – objective, verifiable, proven. Objective truth is fact. Period.

Again, only the uneducated are falling for this garbage.

Talk About a Cry Baby, Snowflake

Did Trump really say it was treason to not clap for him during the State of The Union Address? It’s a lot better than a Congressman standing up in the middle of the speech and shouting, “You’re a liar!!!!” as happened during an Obama address.

Trump seems to believe he’s some sort of king who could get away with garbage like that. Fortunately, many in the GOP are not supporting that position.

Talk about being a cry baby.

I’m a Life Time Member of the NRA – The NRA is WRONG

The N.R.A. is not going to back any measure to raise the age limit for purchasing various weapons.  THIS IS WRONG.  There is an argument that there are many law-abiding young kids who like hunting, are incredibly conscientious, and safety conscious.  THEY ARE WRONG.  That’s not the point.  The point is, and I don’t care how intelligent a child is, there is a lack of lifetime knowledge necessary for this type of responsibility.  Sorry.

The N.R.A

Second point, people should be able to buy a rifle.  The AR-15 is a rifle and therefore there should be no restriction.  THEY ARE WRONG.  The AR-15 is not a valid piece of hunting equipment – unless you’re hunting humans.

The N.R.A. refuses to agree that bump stocks need to be banned.  THEY ARE WRONG.  They say it’s a law enforcement issue.  THEY ARE WRONG.  The N.R.A. has to use it’s clout to assist law makers and law enforcement in creating strategies to both defend innocents (think schools, malls, trains, planes, hospitals, stadiums) and limiting access to these dangerous items.  Continued failure to do so IS WRONG.

The N.R.A. has millions of members who do not agree with the “official” position on several items.  For the N.R.A. to continue to sit buy and allow the public, law makers, and the media to characterize us as “child killers” and not do anything to defend its members IS WRONG.


Right to Work – Struck Down !!!

Right to Work, that is – right to deny you benefits, fair pay, fair working hours and the ability to fire you for no reason at any time, was shot down by Missouri workers yesterday, 8/7/2018, in an election to determine if their Prop A, right to deny you collective bargaining and make you poorer, would be enacted.

Struck down !!!  A huge win for labor.

Helsinki ? No Helsucki !

It’s clear.  Even Republicans are agreeing Trump committed diplomatic malpractice on multiple fronts.  One, he never reviewed any of the briefing books provided prior to the meeting; two, he didn’t bring note takers into the meeting; three, he didn’t bring subject matter experts into the meeting; four he didn’t come out of the meeting with any notes.  No one, not even the Director of National Intelligence, I’ll repeat for emphasis – THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, knows what was discussed.  His supporters will argue, “He’s Potus, he doesn’t need to answer to anyone”.  Wrong, he answers to me, to you, to every American citizen.  And, we want to know what the hell went on in there.

If Trump had one iota of intelligence, diplomatic savvy, or concern about American interests he would have covered, at minimum, the following topics.

Meddling in the 2018 Elections -Trump’s refusal to defend the intelligence community, retaliate other than sanctions, warn, no – threaten that it better never happen again is bordering on giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

NATO – Trump’s interview with his propaganda machine at Fox News, including Tucker Carlson, made NATO a weaker institution.  European leaders are experiencing difficulties in getting their defense budgets increased as European citizens simply revote against anything “Trump”.  This gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

Baltic States – when President Kennedy presented a less than aggressive approach to Khrushchev, the Russian leader built the Berlin Wall.  Trump’s practical cow towing to Putin emboldens Putin to increase his aggression in the Baltic Region.  This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Syria / The Middle East in General – well, no one really knows what Trump agreed to other than to allow the Russians to enjoy further influence in the region.  This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

“Incredible Offer” – to allow Russians to interrogate American citizens, essentially turning them over to Putin in exchange for sending American investigators to Russia to interview the Russian hackers.  The citizens Putin wants to interrogate (torture, and then make disappear) are, amongst others, Bill Browder, one of the backers of legislation that sanctions Russia and American ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul who has always been a touch critic of the Putin regime.  Trump thinks that is an “incredible offer”.  Indeed, incredible that an American President would even consider turning over American citizens to Putin.  If this isn’t giving aid and comfort to the enemy, I don’t know what is.

No one knows what went on in that room.  Maybe we’ll know shortly when Congress gets the balls to subpoena the American interpreter.  But, there are some guesses.  Putin reminded Trump of all the things he has on Trump.  Then he gave him a list of talking points.  Now, Putin isn’t dumb enough to think what ever Trump says goes, but he directed Trump to at least throw it out there.  Maybe Trump’s uneducated base will try to support Putin’s wishes.