Deal Maker – My Ass

Trump says there were no negotiations.  Putin says they had a good negotiation session.  So, what was negotiated?  We don’t know.  Trump wouldn’t let anyone in the room.

Trump says they discussed many things.  Like what?  Name one.

The only deal we know of is this:

Trump is to hand over an American Citizen to Putin for interrogation.  That citizen – a former US Ambassador and Putin critic.  What???  Are you fucking kidding me??  Oh wait, I’m sorry, I forgot the other end of the deal.  Putin will allow American investigators to go to Russia and sit in on the “interrogations” of the 12 Russian spy and hackers indicted by Mueller.

What??  Our guys get to “sit in”??  If this were a real exchange of “criminals” why aren’t those 12 being sent to the US to face charges?  Meanwhile an American patriot and outspoken critic of Putin is being handed over by Trump.

Trump’s horrendous news conference with his Russian handler by his side was treasonous enough.  But, to hand over an American diplomat, to the enemy, is far beyond giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Trump has gone even lower.  He’s gone from moron to traitor.

Are We Really Up Against The Ropes?

From the NY Times

Above is a link to an article from today’s paper.  Well, online content.

We hear, almost on a daily basis now, about digital attacks by the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, not to mention the daily emails and phone calls we get from the (fake) IRS warning us of our pending arrests by agents named “Joe” who speak with the thickest Pakistani-like accent.  We, as individuals, are bombarded daily by email attempts  for us to “re-set” our password so hackers can get into our computers.

Don’t we have anyone, any company, any secret government agency that is fighting back?  I hope so.  One would have to wonder why some of tech nerd heroes aren’t setting traps for potential hackers so that WE can then go hack THEIR systems.

Dear the Rest of the World:

Please don’t believe the rule of “guilty by association”. The rest of the citizens in the United States do NOT share the same moronic philosophy of of weak and destructive president

Be patient. In two years that jerk is gone and we can fix everything he has broken.

Love, the citizens of the United States.

Trump, Jr., I Know, It’s Hard When You’re Irrelevant

Hey, I’m big enough to say I’m irrelevant.  Let’s face it, out side of my little circle of friends, co-workers, associates and acquaintances, I’m no body.  And, that’s ok.  I’m anonymous, invisible and, well, irrelevant.  But, I don’t try to be something I am not.  Like Donald Trump, Jr.   So desperate to get his name in the conversation or on social media, he just picked a fight with Olympic Ice Medalist, Adam Rippon.

What is so glaringly obvious is that Trump, Jr. isn’t mad Rippon refuses to talk to, or about, Mike Pence.  He’s made because the Olympics are taking the spot light away from his idiot of a father.

I can’t wait for all the attacks on the athletes who will refuse to go to the White House after the Olympics.  That should be real interesting.

In the mean time, and forever more, Donald Trump, Jr. will remain – irrelevant.



Treason. Let Me Think About That a Sec ……

Trump, ala Kim Jung-Un, says it’s treason not to agree with him and clap for him. Hmmm.

Trump’s continued attacks on the Intelligence Community, the FBI, and the Justice Department have succeeded in casting doubt on them by the American public. Putin must be dancing in the Kremlin. Trump’s doing his job for him. Another collusion? Maybe. Or, is it providing comfort and AID to the enemy. Now THAT’s treason.

Why His BIG Mouth Got Him Caught

Yesterday, Saturday, Feb. 3rd, Trump proclaimed the Nunes Memo “totally vindicates” him in the investigation regarding the proven Russian election interference.  Crying like the snowflake his core supports proclaim his adversaries to be, he called the continued investigation a “witch hunt”.

Let’s recall a few things:

  1. The Russian interference investigation started with Australian intelligence provided showing Popodopolous (or how ever you spell his name) was contacted by the Russians about emails from Hillary Clinton.
  2. Trump Jr.’s emails confirm this.
  3. Trump Sr. made a HUGE announcement, during his campaign, that they had “dirt” on the Clinton Campaign and alluded to the fact that it was in the form of emails.  (Not to mention his outspoken encouragement to the Russians to hack into the Democratic main frames.)  And, THAT’S where he gets caught.
  4. Not ONCE did any of the traitors the country, including Hope Hicks (who crafted Trump Jr.’s response / explanation of his own emails), go to the FBI.


The Nunes Memo did not, in any way, vindicate Trump.  It’s not that Trump just can’t keep his big fat mouth shut, it’s that the evidence against him grows and grows every day.  He knows it and he has to try to figure out a way to trick all in his core to believe he isn’t lying (something that seems to be very easy).

David Nunes – What the Fuc……..

Let’s start with this:

Brett Baler: “Did you read the actual FISA application?”

David Nunes: “No, I didn’t”

We could end with that.

But, what we have is some asshole who pushed an ALTERED memo, that is, the memo he presented to the White House was NOT the approved memo from the Intelligence Committee.  He did so in direct opposition to members in his own party, members in the Democratic Party (they wanted the unedited version), members in the intelligence agencies, and members of the FBI and Justice Department.  What Nunes did, for head scratching reasons, was do Putin’s work for him.  Undermine our justice system, undermine the investigative personnel, undermine the FISA court, undermine the intelligence agencies.  Treason.  Period.

He tried to undermine the Russian Investigation – that’s obstruction of justice.

I can only hope that Trump now fires the several Justice Department and FBI officials as he has threatened to do.  THAT will be a constitutional crises.  One of which will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Actually, now that I think of it, thanks Mr. Nunes.  You just started the impeachment wheels in motion.


Another GOP Screw Up / Democratic Rebuttal Memo – Really?

So, now that the truth is starting to come out, that the federal wire taps were NOT illegal, some GOP boneheads are now trying to change the narrative and, typical, blame it on Obama.  You see, when anyone is debating a GOP moron, and they (the moron) has nothing to argue about, they same something like, “well Obama did this, or Hillary did that”.

Now, the GOP narrative is that Obama ordered the wire tapping in Trump Tower during the elections.

Ok, WRONG, it wasn’t Obama, it was very low ranking members in the Justice Department.

GOP claims Obama was spying on his political enemies.

Ok, WRONG, a FOREIGN intelligence agency tipped off the CIA / FBI that Russians had been in contact with members of the Trump Campaign.

Ok, TRUE, and even Trump admits that’s true.

So, here are people in the GOP trying to discredit the investigation by saying it is politically motivated.

Ok, WRONG, the TOP 3 FBI AND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS ARE REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP APPOINTEES.  Are you kidding me?  Politically motivated?  No, the facts that  are being discovered are so troubling even Republican appointees are saying, “Yeah, I’m not going to jail for Trump”.

For this jerk, Nunez, who CHANGED VARIOUS WORDING THROUGHOUT HIS MEMO AFTER IT HAD BEEN VETTED BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, to try to undermine the Russian Investigation is out right obstruction of justice.  PERIOD.  (Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t get to decide what evidence was “illegally” secured, that is for the trial judge to decide when Trump and his cronies go on trial.  A defense attorney will motion to quash / preclude the ill gotten evidence.)

One has to wonder, what is it that Nunez is so bent on trying to hide by floating a misleading, inaccurate, and inflammatory “memo”?

Now, just was BAD – Democratic members of the same Intelligence Committee have their own “rebuttal” memo????   !!!!   They’re all a bunch of morons.