How to Get Extorted in Arizona

Simply, go to a gas station. You can experience getting robbed without the threat of violence.

Now, I believe truly in the free market and the law of supply and demand. I don’t believe government should be involved in economics / pricing but for situations were there is a monopoly. For example, most of our utilities are price controlled because we’re all aware what will happen if our natural gas, water, and electric costs were priced by the one provider in our area. But, what happens when it is an entire industry that needs price control???

Earlier this week I watched gas jump 70 cents in one day when reports of Hurricane Ian’s approach to the Florida coast dominated news broadcasts.

There were blurbs from the retailers in our area that there were shortages from the Russian invasion of Ukraine; demand is up; refineries can’t keep up with production needs; and the approach of Hurricane Ian. All of those excuses are outright lies.

Note: President Biden specifically warned gas retailers not to use Ian as an excuse to price gouge.

Let’s review the simple economics of retail gas pricing. All of the following numbers are fake, they are simply demonstrative. If I’m a retailer and I buy my supply today for $3.00, I set a selling price at $x.xx Now, if I buy my supply next week at $4.00, I would need to increase my selling price to $y.yy but if I’m still using the supply I purchased at $3.00, I’m making profit on top of profit because I just raised prices on gas I bought at a cheaper rate. Now, let’s say it goes to $5.00, I would need to increase my selling price to $z.zz

Now, why is it when the purchase price of supply begins to drop, let’s say down to $4.25, the retailer is still charging the price at the $5.00 purchase level? Why is it the retailer bumps prices the instant some calamity is expected when the gas they are selling was purchased at a lower cost? Why is it that gas can shoot up 70 cents per day but only drops 2 cents to 5 cents at a time?

We’re a captured audience. We need gas to survive in terms of our ability to commute to work or to acquire our own “supplies”, mainly food and clothing. As such, we are essentially at the mercy, of which there is none, of the gas retailers. There is no sense trying to get Arizona government involved because they are all big business supporters. So, we’re going to have to take it into our own hands to punch these retailers in the face.

When you have to get gas, try to limit your purchase to gas. Don’t go inside and buy coffee, sodas, snacks, etc. Force the retail profits to plummet and make sure you communicate with the retailer that you are fighting back. I’m not sure if they are going to care. I’m note sure if it is going to make much of a difference. But, at least we won’t be sitting there taking it.


I passed by a cell phone company’s franchise vendor and saw a sign matching a television ad that has been running. Essentially, trade in your old iPhone for a new iPhone 13.

Too good to be true, right.

So, I go in and I say to the representative, “So, what’s this sign all about”. The rep says, “Just like the sign says, trade in your phone and we’ll give you $800 credit”.

So, out of the box, we’re already at it’s not really free.

I ask what is the out of pocket and the rep said it is roughly $100 but for 128g version and $200 for the 256g version. I went with the 256g version.

Now, the real reason I went in was to drop a second line that I haven’t used in years. That saves me $20 per month. So, my monthly should now be $110 or so. The rep said I still had $84 to pay off the old phone so I paid that cash.

I added a privacy screen, a soft bumper shell, and a jack for the need speed charger. Out the door for about $350.

Now, I will admit the rep told me at least FOUR times and then asked me to sign an acknowledgment that my first two bills would have a $22 charge on it. But, on the third month, it would show a $44 credit and my bill would be the $110 that it should be. Fine. But, I asked why. The rep said, “Well, XXXXXXXX needs to verify the trade in was indeed traded in and that takes about two months to go through their system”.

Isn’t it odd that the cell phone company, or any vendor for that matter, can instantly CHARGE you for a service or product, but a refund, or credit takes time. That, in and of itself has to be a violation of some banking law.

Further, since the vendor is a franchisee of XXXXXXXXX and, essentially, an agent of the company, why isn’t my trade in accepted in the “system” instantly?

Out the door, new iPhone, charger, privacy screen, and bumper protector for $350 or so on my Amex.

When I got home, there were five emails waiting for me from the cell phone company. One of which was a ‘FINANCE AGREEMENT’. Whoa, wait a minute, back up the truck. What, Finance Agreement? Now, it clearly had my signature on it, digitally. Like when I signed my Amex purchase. I did NOT sign any finance agreement.

However, I did sign the “acknowledgment” about the two $22 charges that would be credited back on the third month.

There HAS to be a scam here. My final invoice clearly shows an $800 credit. What did I have to finance?

Either the cell phone company is scamming it’s stock holders by showing $44 per customer in extra revenue – $44 x at least 100,000 customers is $4,400,000 alone.

Or, the vendor is getting credit / a bonus / an incentive to have customers “finance” but the “trade in” is the payoff of the $800 financed (rather than cash).

In any event, something is wrong here. Someone is getting scammed.

And, we’re giving the cell phone company a $44 interest free loan so they can use our money for their own interest game. Maybe that’s the scam.


I have been ranting about our inability to build and our inability to manufacture anything anymore. The pandemic has shown us how weak we have become. We relay on China, mostly, and other Asian countries for almost everything.

Disgusting in and of itself. We should be ashamed of ourselves. What happened to the proud Made in America label?

Now we see yet another category of everyday essentials soaring in price. Between February and March of 2022 food prices in the United States have risen 12.6%. This is the highest of recorded levels. Talking heads are blaming Russia. The ultimate scapegoat. The Russian war with Ukraine is disrupting shipments of essential food supplies. Specially, wheat and oils made from vegetables. But it’s not really Russia is it? I’m posing that question to the Biden Administration (more below).

What? We are importing wheat and vegetable oil?

Similar to big business outsourcing everything in the name of bigger dividend checks and stock prices, we, the American people now can’t even grow our own food. Did you know the Department of Agriculture and some local state versions of that government entity pay farmers NOT to grow crops? Some cite “environmental issues”, some cite drought conditions.

For example, California is having farmers keep thousands of acres vacate during the growing season. Considering their drought conditions we should all guess what is going to happen next. California will start up the next Dust Bowl (see historical descriptions of 1930s dust bowl conditions that devastated food growing areas).

The Biden Administration is now paying farmers not to grow essential food crops so to add 4 million acres farmland to the Conservation Reserve Program, which takes land out of production. Making us more and more socialist in our dependency on foreign countries for our food. FOR OUR FOOD!!!!!!!

Disgusting. Again, we only have ourselves to blame for allowing our government to get away with this.

Summary: we now depend on other countries to build our things and feed us. The greatest country in the world? No, we’re the newest Third World Country.



It is a word we claim to be the backbone of our existence.

We even have a declaration of it.

We were for centuries very independent. As a country, as a society, as a culture, and as individuals.

But something happened. We let politicians make us dependent upon them (the government) for most basic needs: affordable housing; food stamps; emergency fuel; unemployment; etc.

We let big business, under the disguise of bigger dividends and stock values destroy our manufacturing capabilities and making us very much dependent upon an enemy who is FLUSH with American cash, building up its military, hacking our computers, and getting ready to take over other parts of the world to further enrich itself.

We let bleeding heart liberals cut into our constitutional rights – specifically our right to bare arms. So, now the only ones with easy access to guns are the bad guys. We become less and less able to defend ourselves from an invasion and occupation.

We let these very same liberals convince us that energy independence is bad. So, now as we watch another enemy invade its neighbor we do nothing but to continue to buy oil from it and our dependency on this enemy is well established and our gas prices sky rocket.

We aren’t the “greatest country in the world” when we become more and more less independent of others.


So the latest, absolute crazy equity statement is that made by Mars candy and centers on their colors and their characters being redesigned to coincide with a “more dynamic and progressive world”.

REALLY???? !!!! It’s candy. The only controversy should be whether you like plain or peanut !!!!!

It is outright shocking to see the lengths these progressive idiots will go. Looking in every crack and corner of life looking for some sign of prejudice or need for equity (note I specifically avoided the work equality).

With rare exception, white people, especially white males never “protest” the obvious and outside prejudice they have experienced, are currently experiencing and will experience in the future. But, now, I’m going to take a stand.

Let’s talk about the characters. The old ones – hysterical. The new ones – sad. Now the new characters are supposed to show the power of community. Hmm. I never knew there was controversy with the green candy design. Apparently, long eye lashes and 1960s style go-go boots were sexist. IT’S CANDY !!!!! The red candy was accused of being grumpy towards his counter parts. IT’S CANDY !!!!! (We better warn the 7 Dwarfs the progressives are coming for them.) Apparently there was also a need for the green candy and the brown candy to be friendlier to each other. IT’S CANDY !!!! OH MY GOD – I can’t stand it !!!! The green candy and brown candy have to show solidarity.

The orange candy, portrayed as very anxious, will remain to better bond with the Generation Z group because, as Mars points out, that generation is very anxious. (So much for prejudice opinions – grouping all members of a group by a characteristic. You know, profiling.) Hypocrites.

If you go on the website you might notice only one candy has an actual name – it is Ms. Brown. Guess which candy it is.

So, ahh, where is the white candy? I thought we were progressive and inclusive. I thought we were trying to be consistent with the world (apparently there are no white people in the world).

I’m only one sad, tired, rather insignificant complainer. But, I’m writing them a letter advising I’m no longer a customer.

The 10th Amendment and Parents Rights

Side note – I am NOT anti-vaccination. However, it is PROVEN that it does NOT prevent Covid or its variants. I do AGREE it does increase your chances of survival and lessens the severity of your symptoms. So, in my mind, this is really all about trying to keep people from taking up hospital beds. My opinion is that if you believe you should be vaccinated please to get it. But don’t accuse me of endangering your health if I’m not vaccinated because then you’re just spewing propaganda.

If you are a young parent and you are legitimately torn about vaccines for your child – not because you’re ignorant and are following “advice” and “news” on social media, you might consider stepping back into your History / Social Studies class and review your rights.

The 10th Amendment is for Rights Reserved to States or People. The amendment was passed in Congress on 9/25/1979 and ratified two years later on 12/15/1791.

It states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

You can read the Constitution up and down all day and it says NOTHING about the power of the Federal Government to decide if you and / or your child should be vaccinated. That power is yours and yours alone.

Depending upon how serious you are about defending your rights, whether it is to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated, the next time some crazed vaccine mandate or anti-vaccine mandate (the most recent sweeping Federal mandate was shot down by the US Supreme Court) consider getting an attorney and filing a massive lawsuit with the goal of reaching the US Supreme Court so you can become part of history and establish case law to protect future generations of parents.

Life Copies Art – Warnings from the Past

Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government. And permanent crises (in the form of the Cornavirus) is what we have to expect in a world in which over population (change that to – continued virus outbreaks) is producing a state of things, in which dictatorship under Communist (or Socialist) auspices becomes almost inevitable. Aldous Huxley “Brave New World” – 1932.

Oh My God – I Was Indoctrinated

We all grew up singing what we thought was a very patriotic song.  But, once you closely examine the lyrics and review the two versions that were ultimately cut from the song, you realize this is an extremely Socialist / Communist propaganda song.

The lyrics for This Land is Your Land were written around 1940.  I don’t say the “song” was written, because Woody Guthrie used an existing melody of the Carter Family’s “When the Worlds on Fire”.

Guthrie wrote his lyric as a slap in the face to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”.  The story goes that Guthrie was sick and tired of hearing the song sung all across the country by Kate Smith.  

Guthrie, an aggressive supporter of communism and the Soviet Union, wanted to call his song, “God Blessed America for Me”.  Two of the verses were specifically critical of the United States especially in the area of private property.  He didn’t believe in private property.  He believed everything belonged to everyone.  So, even if you pulled yourself out of object poverty, worked hours upon hours, missed family time and essentially worked yourself to the bone, Guthrie and all of his do-nothing friends were entitled to participate in the fruits of your labor.  They could waltz into your house and sleep in your bed, they could camp out in your backyard, eat your food, and use your utilities.  After all, they were “made for you and me”.  

Guthrie was very anti-war except he fully supported the Soviet invasion of Poland, blasted Franklin Roosevelt for loaning money to Finland so it could defend itself against the Soviets and was critical of the lend lease program to England.  But being the typical hypocrite that Socialists are, he changed to a fully vigorous backing of the US in its fight against the Germans when they attacked the Soviet Union.  And he never served.  Another typical Socialist protocol – demand that the holes be dug but never pick up a shovel to help.  Make sure someone else is doing all the work.  He just sat back singing around the campfires while members of the Greatest Generation were dying to protect his commie idols.  There are versus and versions of the song which are obvious shots at the income inequalities of the Great Depression and post-war periods.

And here we were, young, very impressionable grammar / primary school children, idolizing our teachers and following their lead.  We forget we grew up in the era of the Vietnam War and most of these young teachers were probably war protestors on the weekend and Socialists when ever it suited their needs.  So, when these protest songs and Socialist songs became part of our Music Class curriculum, we put out heads back and sang at the top of our lungs.  

Recently, some of our more liberal leaning entertainers started incorporating the verses critical of the United States and private property back into their performances.  It’s astonishing that these very same performers, basking in the freedoms that are the United States, bash it every chance they get.  I wonder, when was last time these super rich entertainers shared the fruits of their labor like the true Socialists they dream to be.  

In 2002 the Library of Congress chose the song as one of fifty to be added to the National Recording Registry.

I think this anti-American, Socialist song should be removed from that registry.

Parents Speaking Out at School Board Meetings are Domestic Terrorists

What??? !!!! Today, October 5th, 2021, there is talk about getting the United States Department of Justice, a Federal Agency, involved in local school board meetings. That, in and of itself, is not allowed by Federal Law. But, let’s put that aside for a moment.

School Board members are complaining parents are threatening them with bodily harm, following them home from meetings and harassing them, standing outside their homes and scaring their children. They don’t like parents challenging the decisions they make on curriculum and health and safety protocols.

Frankly, I agree. Those are illegal activities. I refer to harassment and threat of physical harm. But, they are not items for the Feds to be involved in. Those are local crimes to be investigated, processed and prosecuted by local law enforcement authorities. But, let’s put that aside too.

The two critical issues facing school boards today are masking kids while they are in school and the attempted assimilation of our children into a Marxist / socialist mindset via the application of Critical Race Theory. Trying to teach kids, especially white kids, that they bare the sins of white bigots who they were not related to nor even knew. Trying to teach kids of color that they are inferior to white kids and therefore need exemptions to school discipline rules and grading because they don’t have the intelligence to keep up nor the moral and ethical ability to follow rules. Trying to convince parents that treating children equally is racist and that children need to be treated with equity is infuriating.

Parents, of all races, have had enough. And, their recourse is to present their concerns and opposition to such policies at school board meetings. Is anything I’ve written so far false? Please point it out. I’ll save you time and effort. It’s not false and it’s not a political slant. That’s what’s going on.

Parents are so frustrated, so at the end of their wits, feeling so helpless that they have to take a stand and sometimes these board members are so entitled, so “above the parents” and so insistent in their cultural Marxist leaning that personal threats are the only way to make it clear this needs to stop.

I believe there is NO place for personal threats, harassment, and confrontations outside the meeting room. However……

Similar to regular politicians, school boards are voted in to represent the desires of PARENTS as to the curriculum taught to their children. As such, warning a board member to either do what the parents want or, “I’ll do everything I can to get you voted out” is not a threat of domestic terrorism. It is a statement of cause and effect leading to a voting preference. Is voting now an act of terrorism?? If I don’t vote to keep you in office, is disagreeing with a school board something I should be arrested for??

No, but the attempt to silence parents with arrest when they speak out at school board meetings IS terrorism. It’s political terrorism. You know, similar to what they do in Marxist / Socialist / Communist countries.