An Activist Cause

I voiced strong disapproval of Starbucks decision to switch to their current line of “treats”. I wrote email after email.

Today I heard from a Starbucks rep they are dumping their line and going back to the good ol’ fashioned pound cakes!!!

(A trial sample showed the old stuff selling 6:1 over the new line. Can you say New Coke??)

Dear Starbucks

I am here every day. I am even a stockholder. I was one of the people who complained about the nasty LaBoulange pastry selection you have. Thank you for bringing back the lemon iced pound cake. I see it is selling 6:1 over that nasty crap. But REALLY, 27 people in line and one server? It took so long I was able to thumb type this whole post! Ridiculous!!!


A few months ago Starbucks changed their line of snacks. They’re horrible. No taste, bland, dry and they have to be heated. I’m a stockholder, so I wrote a little letter complaining.

I guess I wasn’t the only one because last week they decided to test run the old lemon pound cake against the new pastry.

As of this morning, the old cake was outselling the new stuff 6:1 !!!!!