Volume 5, Episode 1 – Maybe It’s Life or Death

Hey, this is Kevin Driscoll for The Rusting Barbell Blog Podcast.  A podcast about strength training; weight training; power lifting; Olympic lifting; book review and article review, all with a focus on functional training with barbells.  Please note, you should consult a professional regarding the exact mechanics and form of any exercise discussed.  Remember to always consult with your doctor, health care professional, personal trainer, or coach before starting any exercise routine or trying any exercise discussed in this podcast. 

I can’t believe it has been since August 2022 since my last podcast.  It is simply laziness. 

Of course, I have my New Year’s Resolutions all lined up and ready for implementation.  Of course, one of which is to get into better physical condition.  As of yesterday, I weighed in at 339.4.  I do have a clear conscience in that I really don’t overeat, nor drink beer, or snack throughout the day.  But I probably do have a touch of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and maybe even a failing thyroid.  My metabolism has probably slowed, and I spend way too much time sitting at my desk throughout the course of the day.  My goal is to get down to 275 by my 60th Birthday in November 2023.  I’ve already lost one month and I quickly approaching losing another month.    

All of that is about to change.

I purchased a Proform Stationary Bike just prior to the Holidays kicking in.  I started off with 20 minutes per session mainly because my buttocks needed to break in the seat.  I’m up to 40 minutes per session but my rear-end is still not comfortable on the seat.  In any event, 40 minutes on the bike is how I am starting my day.  I usually get a little perspired by the time I am done, and I have to change my t-shirt prior to weight training as I train in the garage, and it is only in the 50s in there during these Arizona winter months.  I don’t like that wet-cold feeling on the back of my shoulders. 

I am returning to the Starting Strength Method of training, but I am adding Floor Cleans into the mix.  So, it might be three days one, one day off.

Today I already finished 40 minutes on the bike and now I getting ready for a Bergner Warmup followed by an additional Floor Clean warmup modified off of Juggernaut.  The workout will be set of 5 warm up; set of 4 – ½ way to max; and then 5 sets of three at “max” weight.  Today I’m going to use 155 as my max 5 sets of 3 and I am going to open with 115.  So, my set of 4 will be 135.    

Hoping to get my New Year off to a good start.  It’s all about consistency and discipline.  And, it has to be taking little steps.  Otherwise, knowing myself, I’ll get frustrated and lose interest.   

Remember: consult your doctor and exercise professional prior to starting any workout or trying any exercises discussed in this podcast.  And certainly, don’t use any of my videos posted on Instagram as any example of how these movements should be performed properly and safely because, frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing myself. 

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