Insurance Commercial for Special People

There is a very good and very popular insurance company that’s running, what is meant to be funny, commercials that have hit a nerve with the regular “Joe”.

In the first commercial a former football star is trying to convince the insurance company’s call center employee that he would like to be insured by their company. The representative points out the services are only available to members of the armed services – and that’s what makes the company “special”.

Then the football star introduces himself as a former member of a Superball Championship team and doesn’t that make him “special”?

In the second commercial the same athlete is speaking with a former member of the armed services and trying to get him to use his influence to get the athlete accepted as a customer by asking, “Don’t you think I deserve to be a member”?

And there it is. The constant reminder that these overpaid, over glorified, self importance touting athletes believe they should able to do what ever they want just because they “won a Superbowl”.

It is somewhat relieving that in both commercials the insurance company’s employee and customer make it clear to the athlete that he is simply “not that special”.

Hopefully, more companies and regular “Joes” will keep sending the same message.

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