Human Version of Twitter

For the most part, Twitter is 144 characters of communication. We can all stipulate to that.

How many of us stand in line or drive up to a window to purchase coffee in the morning (or at any time during the day)?

I usually go at the same time give or take 20 minutes to a Dutch Bros on Glendale and 12th Street in Phoenix. (Even though I prefer Starbucks, this place is really close to where I reside.) I see, generally, the same 12 to 15 kids as they rotate through the week. Most are just happy to see and pet Bruno but I do get to have quick exchanges with these 20 or something year olds. Some are in college. Some are working two or three part time jobs. Some are full timers. All of them have tattoos (is that a job requirement) and all of them have a story. (It’s amazing what you can learn during a 30 second exchange.)

Today I learned one of my favorite servers is leaving “for a big girl job”, as she calls it. “Betsy” (May or may not be her real name) is always happy to see us, very engaging, and has an interesting story. It’s not mine to share but suffice it to say she always has something interesting to talk about. And, she can do it all in 30 seconds or less.

It occurred to me these quick snippets of conversation during the exchange of debit cards and coffee cups are the human version of Twitter.

Sadly, as Betsy leaves to pursue bigger and better things, it’s also an example of how easily people pass in and out of lives.

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