Talk About a Cry Baby, Snowflake

Did Trump really say it was treason to not clap for him during the State of The Union Address? It’s a lot better than a Congressman standing up in the middle of the speech and shouting, “You’re a liar!!!!” as happened during an Obama address.

Trump seems to believe he’s some sort of king who could get away with garbage like that. Fortunately, many in the GOP are not supporting that position.

Talk about being a cry baby.

I’m a Life Time Member of the NRA – The NRA is WRONG

The N.R.A. is not going to back any measure to raise the age limit for purchasing various weapons.  THIS IS WRONG.  There is an argument that there are many law-abiding young kids who like hunting, are incredibly conscientious, and safety conscious.  THEY ARE WRONG.  That’s not the point.  The point is, and I don’t care how intelligent a child is, there is a lack of lifetime knowledge necessary for this type of responsibility.  Sorry.

The N.R.A

Second point, people should be able to buy a rifle.  The AR-15 is a rifle and therefore there should be no restriction.  THEY ARE WRONG.  The AR-15 is not a valid piece of hunting equipment – unless you’re hunting humans.

The N.R.A. refuses to agree that bump stocks need to be banned.  THEY ARE WRONG.  They say it’s a law enforcement issue.  THEY ARE WRONG.  The N.R.A. has to use it’s clout to assist law makers and law enforcement in creating strategies to both defend innocents (think schools, malls, trains, planes, hospitals, stadiums) and limiting access to these dangerous items.  Continued failure to do so IS WRONG.

The N.R.A. has millions of members who do not agree with the “official” position on several items.  For the N.R.A. to continue to sit buy and allow the public, law makers, and the media to characterize us as “child killers” and not do anything to defend its members IS WRONG.