David Nunes – What the Fuc……..

Let’s start with this:

Brett Baler: “Did you read the actual FISA application?”

David Nunes: “No, I didn’t”

We could end with that.

But, what we have is some asshole who pushed an ALTERED memo, that is, the memo he presented to the White House was NOT the approved memo from the Intelligence Committee.  He did so in direct opposition to members in his own party, members in the Democratic Party (they wanted the unedited version), members in the intelligence agencies, and members of the FBI and Justice Department.  What Nunes did, for head scratching reasons, was do Putin’s work for him.  Undermine our justice system, undermine the investigative personnel, undermine the FISA court, undermine the intelligence agencies.  Treason.  Period.

He tried to undermine the Russian Investigation – that’s obstruction of justice.

I can only hope that Trump now fires the several Justice Department and FBI officials as he has threatened to do.  THAT will be a constitutional crises.  One of which will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Actually, now that I think of it, thanks Mr. Nunes.  You just started the impeachment wheels in motion.


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