Another GOP Screw Up / Democratic Rebuttal Memo – Really?

So, now that the truth is starting to come out, that the federal wire taps were NOT illegal, some GOP boneheads are now trying to change the narrative and, typical, blame it on Obama.  You see, when anyone is debating a GOP moron, and they (the moron) has nothing to argue about, they same something like, “well Obama did this, or Hillary did that”.

Now, the GOP narrative is that Obama ordered the wire tapping in Trump Tower during the elections.

Ok, WRONG, it wasn’t Obama, it was very low ranking members in the Justice Department.

GOP claims Obama was spying on his political enemies.

Ok, WRONG, a FOREIGN intelligence agency tipped off the CIA / FBI that Russians had been in contact with members of the Trump Campaign.

Ok, TRUE, and even Trump admits that’s true.

So, here are people in the GOP trying to discredit the investigation by saying it is politically motivated.

Ok, WRONG, the TOP 3 FBI AND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS ARE REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP APPOINTEES.  Are you kidding me?  Politically motivated?  No, the facts that  are being discovered are so troubling even Republican appointees are saying, “Yeah, I’m not going to jail for Trump”.

For this jerk, Nunez, who CHANGED VARIOUS WORDING THROUGHOUT HIS MEMO AFTER IT HAD BEEN VETTED BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, to try to undermine the Russian Investigation is out right obstruction of justice.  PERIOD.  (Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t get to decide what evidence was “illegally” secured, that is for the trial judge to decide when Trump and his cronies go on trial.  A defense attorney will motion to quash / preclude the ill gotten evidence.)

One has to wonder, what is it that Nunez is so bent on trying to hide by floating a misleading, inaccurate, and inflammatory “memo”?

Now, just was BAD – Democratic members of the same Intelligence Committee have their own “rebuttal” memo????   !!!!   They’re all a bunch of morons.

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