So, What’s The Answer? I Don’t Know, but Here are Some Random Thoughts

Don’t let item 1. tick you off from the get go.  I beat up on them in later paragraphs.  No, there aren’t any answers to the problem in the paragraphs below.  No, there aren’t any explanations as to why things are they way they are.  But somewhere, someone is going to read this and maybe an idea will pop into their head that WILL be the answer.

  1. The N.R.A. is not the villain in these mass shootings.  The villain is the person who pulled the trigger.  But, there are others whose actions, or inactions, have contributed to the problem (the N.R.A. included).
  2. Considering the capacity for the media, liberal or otherwise, to conduct investigations in GOP campaign donations received from the N.R.A. (in the millions !!!!) I find it odd the media hasn’t been able to show bribery took place in the form of cash for legislative votes.  So, continued posting of N.R.A. contributions is a distraction and waste of time.  We’re all looking for someone to blame, but its not the N.R.A.
  3. Howerver, the N.R.A. is a mega force to be dealt with.  Why is it that all of their experts haven’t been able to assist in solving the problem?  I’m not saying it’s their problem to solve, but I am wondering why they haven’t participated in the conversation.
  4. Part of the current conversation is, “Why didn’t so and so tell so and so about the thing he did yesterday, last week, last month, years ago?”  The ACLU and the peripheral entities like it have made it impossible for those in the know to release information.  Think about HIPPA laws.  Think about those, “Hi, this is the principal of so and so school.  Your child got beat up and his life was threatended but I’m not allowed to tell you by who or what punishment (if any) will be tendered”.  Think about laws (good laws, by the way) that don’t allow the local, state or FBI to share information (in some cases) nor chase down suspected criminals without probable cause (probable cause is the belief that someone has, is currently, or is about to committee a crime).
  5. Posting pictures on Instagram or any other social media is NOT probable cause nor does it make you a killer in the making.  Some people are into art, some people collect guitars, some people are into cars and motorcycles, some people are into dogs, some people collect snakes and some people collect guns as a hobby.  All of those people are proud of their possessions and like to show them off.
  6. Think about all those STUPID LAWS banning guns in or around specific public places (post offices, schools, etc).  As such, ONLY THE BAD GUYS HAVE THE GUNS.
  7. It is absolutely without any logical basis that a 19 year old needs a license to drive a car but doesn’t need a license to buy an AR-15.
  8. By the way, I fully support the need for licensing in relation to gun ownership.  That licensing will include mental and criminal back ground checks, safety information and firearms proficiency. This, of course, is a book in and of itself.  Those opposing licensing will argue about another layer of red tape, time delays, government involvement, etc etc.  Too bad.
  9. I am torn about the need for AR-15 ownership.  Ownership proponents will argue it provides self protection.  Usually, they refer to self protection from the government in the form of them coming to take your guns away.  Those people have their own paranoid issues to deal with.  On an isolated incident level, when the government comes to take your guns away, they’re not coming with one deputy sheriff and a Court Order, they’re coming with a tactical team that’s going to have fire power to make your AR-15 like a pea shooter.  And, they’re going to take your guns away.  For the legitamately scared home owner, the shotgun is the one and only valid self protection weapon for a violent break in.  I guess, what I’m saying is, there are better alternatives to the Assault Rifle – 15.
  10. From time to time I see posts referring to conversations between people and God.  They ask God, “Why did you abandon us during that school shooting”.  God replys, “Because you kicked me out of schools long ago”.  My analogy is if you’re going to ban guns, not only from the building, but from anywhere near a school building, then THE ONLY GUYS WITH THE GUNS WILL BE THE BAD GUYS.  Maybe it is time to stop worrying about the “lawsuits” and have at least one armed person on campus at all times children are present.  And, let’s make sure when that person calls in sick, there is someone else present.
  11. “No one should own a gun”.  Look at England.  Look at Australia.  Look at blah blah blah.  That ship has sailed.  And, if you’re really want a civil war, pass legislation banning gun ownership in this country.  All of you who DON’T have guns – I guess you’re going to be on the losing side.   For every chart, graph, study, and comparison of countries that don’t allow gun ownership in relation to mass shootings, there are plenty more supporting the opposing argument.  Numbers and charts mean nothing.


Trump, Jr., I Know, It’s Hard When You’re Irrelevant

Hey, I’m big enough to say I’m irrelevant.  Let’s face it, out side of my little circle of friends, co-workers, associates and acquaintances, I’m no body.  And, that’s ok.  I’m anonymous, invisible and, well, irrelevant.  But, I don’t try to be something I am not.  Like Donald Trump, Jr.   So desperate to get his name in the conversation or on social media, he just picked a fight with Olympic Ice Medalist, Adam Rippon.

What is so glaringly obvious is that Trump, Jr. isn’t mad Rippon refuses to talk to, or about, Mike Pence.  He’s made because the Olympics are taking the spot light away from his idiot of a father.

I can’t wait for all the attacks on the athletes who will refuse to go to the White House after the Olympics.  That should be real interesting.

In the mean time, and forever more, Donald Trump, Jr. will remain – irrelevant.



Wisconsin – Suffering Worker, I mean Slave, Shortage

Don’t we all recall how proud Wisconsin was when it passed it’s Right To Work Laws, essentially destroying unions.  Remember how the propaganda said the law prohibited businesses and unions from reaching agreements that require all workers to pay union dues.

Well, now that’s coming back to bite them in the ass as workers figured out their benefits were stripped, their pay stagnated, and their working conditions diminished.  So, where’s the right to work??

Is the big “protection” workers got from having to pay union dues?? Or, was it really a chance for super rich business owners to strip their workers from the ability to protect themselves through collective bargaining?

Wisconsin wonders why it has a worker shortage?  Well, we all have the answer as to why.

Treason. Let Me Think About That a Sec ……

Trump, ala Kim Jung-Un, says it’s treason not to agree with him and clap for him. Hmmm.

Trump’s continued attacks on the Intelligence Community, the FBI, and the Justice Department have succeeded in casting doubt on them by the American public. Putin must be dancing in the Kremlin. Trump’s doing his job for him. Another collusion? Maybe. Or, is it providing comfort and AID to the enemy. Now THAT’s treason.