Being “Secret” is Suspect to Begin With

We’re all starting to hear about a “secret” memo the GOP is about to release that will show the FBI investigation into collusion with the Russians is illegal or tainted or just Democratic intereference.


  1. Robert Meuller is a Republican.
  2. This “memo” alleges the FBI and Justice Department failed to “adequately” explain intelligence discovered to the judge who approved a search warrant. WHAT?? Is the GOP alleging the FBI lied, mislead, or faked out a federal judge??
  3. The GOP alleges the intelligence was part of research conducted by Christopher Steele, who was, at the time, being financed by the DNC. So what?  Does that make the information he discovered false?  No, in fact the GOP and Trump’s private attorneys have private investigators out there looking into everything!!!  Maybe we should now conclude anything THEY bring up is false as well???
  4. No information has publicly emerged that the Justice Department or the F.B.I. did anything improper while seeking the surveillance warrant. So, what’s with all the smoke and mirrors?  Another GOP attempt to discredit the collusion probe??
  5. Before we go any further, let’s remember Trump has been trying to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, the #2 at the Justice Department. THAT would be the nail in Trump’s coffin.  THAT would be obstructing justice.  An impeachable offense.
  6. Again, before we go any further, this Mr. Page clown, the subject of the surveillance,has been on the FBI radar SINCE 2013 when it was revealed a Russian spy tried to flip him !!!! The same Mr. Page was a Trump campaign associate.  Was he soliciting contributions from the Russians?  Was he the real go between for Trump and the Russians.  This, the same guy who in 2016, while working with Trump’s campaign, took a trip to Russia.  TO RUSSIA !!! ???  And, this is Meuller’s doing?? GOP morons.

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