Being “Secret” is Suspect to Begin With

We’re all starting to hear about a “secret” memo the GOP is about to release that will show the FBI investigation into collusion with the Russians is illegal or tainted or just Democratic intereference.


  1. Robert Meuller is a Republican.
  2. This “memo” alleges the FBI and Justice Department failed to “adequately” explain intelligence discovered to the judge who approved a search warrant. WHAT?? Is the GOP alleging the FBI lied, mislead, or faked out a federal judge??
  3. The GOP alleges the intelligence was part of research conducted by Christopher Steele, who was, at the time, being financed by the DNC. So what?  Does that make the information he discovered false?  No, in fact the GOP and Trump’s private attorneys have private investigators out there looking into everything!!!  Maybe we should now conclude anything THEY bring up is false as well???
  4. No information has publicly emerged that the Justice Department or the F.B.I. did anything improper while seeking the surveillance warrant. So, what’s with all the smoke and mirrors?  Another GOP attempt to discredit the collusion probe??
  5. Before we go any further, let’s remember Trump has been trying to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, the #2 at the Justice Department. THAT would be the nail in Trump’s coffin.  THAT would be obstructing justice.  An impeachable offense.
  6. Again, before we go any further, this Mr. Page clown, the subject of the surveillance,has been on the FBI radar SINCE 2013 when it was revealed a Russian spy tried to flip him !!!! The same Mr. Page was a Trump campaign associate.  Was he soliciting contributions from the Russians?  Was he the real go between for Trump and the Russians.  This, the same guy who in 2016, while working with Trump’s campaign, took a trip to Russia.  TO RUSSIA !!! ???  And, this is Meuller’s doing?? GOP morons.

Ah, It’s The Finances He’s Really Worried About

Trump says he WILL fire Mueller if he starts to look into Trump’s finances.  And, now the cat’s out of the bag.  Once Mueller starts looking at the finances, we’ll find clear connections, albeit probably legal business ones, with various Russian entities.  That certainly makes the case for collusion stronger if any of those entities were also trying to garner influence with Trump.

Frankly, if Trump fires Mueller Trump’s finished.  That’s obstructing justice, that’s an impeachable offense.

Hole v. House

Do you remember a few days ago Senators Perdue and Cotton said Trump never said “shithole” during the immigration meeting??  Essentially, they called all the other people in the room liars.  Funny considering the White House NEVER disputed his use of the word and came right out and said they supported his use of the word.  What ever.

Do you know what Purdue and Cotton said they DID hear?  “Oh, he didn’t say ‘shithole’, he said ‘shithouse'”.

Really?  That’s how they get to deny the President said “shithole”.  In fact, Cotton said, “I did not hear derogatory comments about individuals or persons.”  No kidding.  Nobody said he did.

Another example of lying for the President that makes them look PATHETIC.

The 11 Democratic Cowards (5 Republicans)

If I counted correctly, 11 Democrats voted YES during the first budget vote.  CNN was excusing the 11 Democrats by suggesting the only reason they voted YES was because they were up for re-election.

So, apparently those 11 members are in venues that might be heavy populated with members of the opposite party.  That is, the official might be a Democrat but the constituents are mostly Republican.

It would also seem that those 11 Democrats most likely always vote their party line NO MATTER WHAT THEIR CONSTITUENTS WANT – unless it’s an election year.  Essentially, those 11 Democrats have NOT been properly representing their constituents.

THIS is what’s wrong with our elected officials.  And, I’ve found Democrats to be slightly more guilty of this than Republicans.  I’ve said this in prior posts – we don’t give a fuck what you (the elected officials) think.  You are there to do OUR bidding, not your own and not to support your buddy from the other side of the country who took out for dinner in D.C. last week.

So, the next time there’s an important vote, make sure you do what your CONSTITUENTS want, not what your PARTY wants.

The Degregation of Democracy

There are, amongst many things, at least three core principals that have made our democracy the longest running one:

  1. free elections
  2. free press
  3. congressional checks and balances

Now, we have a president who continues to refer to our elections as rigged; a press that only produces fake news; and a congress that is a lap dog rather than a watch dog.  We have a president who wants to be either a king or a simple dictator.

Donald Trump is a danger to society; a danger to the people; a danger to the United States and a danger to democracy.

Foreign Affairs Article – Misses The Bigger Issue

I’m not trying to claim I’m some kind of fancy intellectual, but I do read Foreign Affairs magazine.  I have an online subscription and an app on my iPhone.  There was an essay in the March / April 2017 combined issue titled, “How America Lost Faith in Expertise” by Tom Nicoles.  I have never heard of Tom Nicoles but apparently he works for the government is some capacity.  He tells as story of a poll in 2014, following the Russian invasion of Crimea.  The Washington Post put it out.  In brief, it asked Americans if the US should jump into the fight and assist the Ukraine.  Less than 20% of the people could even point to the Ukraine on a map.  Full disclosure, neither can I.  People who thought the Ukraine was in South America or Australia were very gung-ho about our intervention. 

So, is it complete apathy about world events; is it CNN’s and FoxNew’s move from real international news to be a bunch of talking heads; is it laziness?  No, it’s a lack of quality education.  Why is the rest of the world so “fluent” in our history and current events and I can’t even name the President (I don’t even know if it is a “president” or prime minister or queen) of Canada??

If we really want to make a difference to our children or our local community or even to our country, we have to start paying attention to the degrading of our educational systems.  Disclosure item 2, I think it is a purposeful way of dumbing down the country’s work force to control wages, benefits, and even lifestyle.

So, go study a map.