Trump Set the Tone for This

For as much as people didn’t like George Jr., not even the news media was blatantly disrespectful. Sure everyone made fun of him, considered him stupid and just some rich kid out of touch with middle class reality, but I can’t recall things like this happening.

Trump’s lack of respect for most everyone, unprofessionalism, lack of statesmanship, inability to treat anyone with dignity, not to mention his outright contempt – for anyone who doesn’t treat him like a kind has created this atmosphere.

He has made this type of behavior alright. Bullies are back on the rise, people have a sense of “fuck you – I’ll do whatever I want, and the lack of common courtesy for our fellow citizen is, well, more common.

But at the end of the day it’s not alright. We need a statesman back in office. Someone we can look up to. Someone we can respect. Someone we can all get behind and be proud to call our leader. And until we do, there will be a lot more of this.

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