Conversations with My Brother In Law

For years I’ve been trying to figure out what my brother in law’s political leanings were (as I know many of you have been completely baffled by mine).  Last week I was visiting my sister and “Steve” (not his real name) asked me why I hated the Fake President so much.  Fortunately, that conversation turned to my position on free health care and free education.

Although I lost the debate soundly on free healthcare I think I held my own on free eduction.  However, if I had only remembered George Carlin’s – The Big Club monologue on “The Owners of The Country”, I probably could remain undefeated in this debate.

George Carlin argues there are a handful of unbelievably wealthy who have long ago bought out the Senate, Congress, City Hall, judges, etc etc.  But, their biggest fear, the thing that scares these people the most is a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.  They don’t want well informed, well educated people, they want uneducated, dumbed down, obedient workers.  They want you mentally robotic and unable to challenge the logic of these quite evil people. They want you just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but dumb enough to passively accept the increasingly shittier jobs at less pay, with less benefits, with longer work weeks and longer work hours.  They hate and fear strong unions.  They want to take away overtime and most of our pensions have long gone forcing our older population to continue working in their Walmart sized, modern day sweat shops.

Oddly, it is us hardworking blue collar and white collar people who continue to vote in their meg wealthy friends into political office only to have them continually pass laws that benefit, the who, the mega rich.  How many times has the Senate voted DOWN their pay raise?  Hmm.

And, now you voted in one these mega rich bastards who is now getting ready to pass “tax relief” that will only benefit, the who?, the super rich.

Indeed, we’re asleep at the wheel and we will get what we deserve or we will be cheated out of what we don’t fight for.

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