Middle Class, That’s Us, Under Seige

New Yorkers have a critical vote this coming Nov. 7th.  You MUST vote no and save pensions.  I don’t care how right wing, Republican, fiscal conservative you allege to be.  Pensions are something fought for, literally, with bloodied noses and broken bones and now, once again, the rich are trying to take something away from the working folks.

This, by odd coincidence, goes hand in hand with the Fake President’s bullshit tax reform that will give tax breaks to the rich and big business.  And, how is he going to pay for these tax breaks, by taking away the middle class deduction on 401(k)s.

I do fear a war is coming.  It’s going to be ugly.

Trump Set the Tone for This

For as much as people didn’t like George Jr., not even the news media was blatantly disrespectful. Sure everyone made fun of him, considered him stupid and just some rich kid out of touch with middle class reality, but I can’t recall things like this happening.

Trump’s lack of respect for most everyone, unprofessionalism, lack of statesmanship, inability to treat anyone with dignity, not to mention his outright contempt – for anyone who doesn’t treat him like a kind has created this atmosphere.

He has made this type of behavior alright. Bullies are back on the rise, people have a sense of “fuck you – I’ll do whatever I want, and the lack of common courtesy for our fellow citizen is, well, more common.

But at the end of the day it’s not alright. We need a statesman back in office. Someone we can look up to. Someone we can respect. Someone we can all get behind and be proud to call our leader. And until we do, there will be a lot more of this.

Conversations with My Brother In Law

For years I’ve been trying to figure out what my brother in law’s political leanings were (as I know many of you have been completely baffled by mine).  Last week I was visiting my sister and “Steve” (not his real name) asked me why I hated the Fake President so much.  Fortunately, that conversation turned to my position on free health care and free education.

Although I lost the debate soundly on free healthcare I think I held my own on free eduction.  However, if I had only remembered George Carlin’s – The Big Club monologue on “The Owners of The Country”, I probably could remain undefeated in this debate.

George Carlin argues there are a handful of unbelievably wealthy who have long ago bought out the Senate, Congress, City Hall, judges, etc etc.  But, their biggest fear, the thing that scares these people the most is a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.  They don’t want well informed, well educated people, they want uneducated, dumbed down, obedient workers.  They want you mentally robotic and unable to challenge the logic of these quite evil people. They want you just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but dumb enough to passively accept the increasingly shittier jobs at less pay, with less benefits, with longer work weeks and longer work hours.  They hate and fear strong unions.  They want to take away overtime and most of our pensions have long gone forcing our older population to continue working in their Walmart sized, modern day sweat shops.

Oddly, it is us hardworking blue collar and white collar people who continue to vote in their meg wealthy friends into political office only to have them continually pass laws that benefit, the who, the mega rich.  How many times has the Senate voted DOWN their pay raise?  Hmm.

And, now you voted in one these mega rich bastards who is now getting ready to pass “tax relief” that will only benefit, the who?, the super rich.

Indeed, we’re asleep at the wheel and we will get what we deserve or we will be cheated out of what we don’t fight for.

What Are We Missing

I believe any good far left wing liberal, anarchist, socialist, communist, etc could make a strong argument that the reason why Republicans, well – rich conservatives anyway, continue to deplete budget funds for education is to dumb down the middle class and move it into the “working slave class” of uneducated, unskilled workforce.  Thus, enabling them to continually take away worker’s rights, worker’s safety, and worker’s pay and enrich themselves.


One would have to wonder what the motive is of the rich Republican donors behind wanting to repeal the AFFORDABLE Care Act?  Now, I’m not indicating the ACA is without need for improvement.  There are many things that need to be changed.  This first is to really make this a free market system where all health care insurers can offer their policies in all states.  This would drive down costs and increase the quality of the policies due to a true competitive market place.


So, what is it?  Do the far right conservative, bible belt, wealthy Republicans really hate Obama so much that they’ll do anything to chip away at his Presidential Legacy?  That CAN’T be it.  It has to be something else.  Again, what is it?  (Spoiler alert, its what its always about, money.)


If you were to research via Yahoo or Google you’ll find the following:

  1. It was about $1.8 trillion estimate in new health care spending and allegations that Medicare and Medicaid funding would have to be cut. This would exposure the elderly to an inability to afford health care.  COMMENT: considering the law has been in place long enough to evaluate this claim, it is clear it is not true.  Further my argument above is that all you have to do is open the market to drive down costs further.
  2. Millions would lose coverage. COMMENT: Oddly, this had some sway to it, especially in California.  And certainly there were huge computer gaffs in trying to get people signed on but this argument turned out to be baseless as well.
  3. We wouldn’t be able to keep our doctors as the exchanges would narrow the number of doctors they had to deal with. COMMENT: this is a free market issue.  Under the current system the market is limited to a certain number of providers thus they have to control costs by cutting back services.  See my free market argument above.
  4. The law increases the cost of health care coverage. COMMENT: That’s just a bullshit argument from the first word.  Everyone who gets health care from his employer sees the yearly contribution from the employer decreasing and the employee payment per month increasing.  See my free market argument above.  Also, employees need unions and collective bargaining negotiators.  BRING BACK THE UNIONS.
  5. The law created fines and penalties if you don’t have coverage. COMMENT: I agree with that one.  I never really understood that one.  If you are either poor or working at minimum wage and can’t afford the health care costs, how can you afford fines and penalties.
  6. The enrollment process is a wreck. COMMENT: If we had free health care for all American tax payers and their blood relative dependents, we would all be enrolled – FOR FREE.


  1. Super rich families would enjoy a nice tax cut if the act is repealed. COMMENT: Ah, so this is what it is really all about.  Why am I not surprised Trump and the super rich are so hot on repealing the act.  Because for the act and for my ultimate solution discussed below to work, the super rich might have to pay more in taxes or they won’t be able to write off their yacht expenses and golf memberships.  It’s all about the continued enrichment of the rich at the expense of the middle class and working poor.  Oddly, I find some of my fellow middle class Republicans in favor of the repeal.  It shocks me as to why this can possibly be.


So, what’s my overall answer.  Indeed – REPEAL THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT AND MAKE HEALTH CARE FREE IN THE UNITED STATES like they do in Canada, England, and Europe.  Why is American the only advanced civilized country without free health care (unless you’re a Senator, member of Congress, or President)?  And, don’t get me started on free education!!