US Accounting Office States FEMA is Almost Out of Money – Let’s Review

FEMA’s 2013 budget was $13,559,716,000.  So, for the sake of argument, let’s say the 2017 budget is $15,000,000,000.  $15B almost absorbed through August 2017 with Hurricane Harvey not helping any.

FEMA is an agency to assist the American Tax Payer during time of crises.  Funded by the tax payers for the benefit of the tax payers.  It should not have a budget, it should not have a ceiling, cap, or anything else that monetarily restricts the provision of aid to American citizens in their time of need.

Now, there are those ultra right wing conservative nuts who will proclaim this is an “entitlement” program (until their state got hit with a hurricane and now they’re first in line for recovery benefits) but we all know it is not.

I get the concept that every line item needs a budget constraint.  So, where will this money come from?  Hmmm, anyone?  Anyone have any idea?  Don’t make me say it !!! Ok. I guess I have to say it….. how about taking it out of the budget for FOREIGN AID????!!!!  That’s right, the countries and citizens of those countries who have never contributed anything to American society except for mentions on a line item budget in the foreign aid category.

FEMA should not be running out of money.  Foreign aid needs to be running out of money.

And, here comes Hurricane Irma.  Oh, but don’t worry, all those countries receiving our foreign aid are just lining up to help us in our time of need.  NOT.


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