Watching the Conservative Hypocrites in Texas This Weekend

Hurricane Harvey, a category III hurricane, is about to slam into south eastern Texas.  It’s more severe than any Texans thought it would be.  Harvey will then stall for several days and this will lead to catastrophic flooding in parts of Texas.

Having lived on Long Island for 41 years, I know how scary and dangerous this is going to be.  My heart goes out to the few who may lose their lives and to the many will be suffering catastrophic personal property and real property losses.

I recall that Texas has hundreds of thousands if not millions ulta right wing conservatives who don’t believe in social welfare.  They refer to those benefits as entitlements and they are against them because their hard earned tax dollars go to support those less fortunate.

So, I expect that not one of these people will be asking for nor accepting a penny of financial aid the federal government will ultimately release so they can rebuild their lives.

Oh, but wait, they say.  This is different.

Indeed, the only difference is before you didn’t want your tax dollars going to help anyone else.  Now, it’s ok because its everyone else’s tax dollars going to help you.


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