Phoenix Visit Rebuttal

Trump is here. Why? That should be the end of this post but since he opened his fat mouth here, a response is needed.

Pence says Trump is a man of his word, a man of action, a man of accomplishment. Ah, name one. Trump is NOT delivering on promises. In fact he’s already flipped on several.

How is Trump a friend of the military when he often belittles his generals?

More Americans are working than ever before because, ah, there are more Americans. Not because of anything Trump has done. Pence says when we are united there isn’t anything we can’t do. So, when are we going to be united? Look outside the convention center you idiot. Not much healing and uniting going on.

Trump comes out and he reminds me of someone with all his clapping. Oh yeah, that fat little twerp in North Korea. By the way, fix your tie. And there he goes pushing everyone else off the stage so he can have all the spotlight. Is there REALLY a MAN holding a “Women for Trump” sign??

There aren’t too many people outside protesting?? LIAR – there is a HUGE crowd outside protesting.

Hmmm, I would have liked to have seen the size of the crowd inside but the cameras wouldn’t pan for a view.

Message: fighting for our agenda. Ok, let’s hear what it is. Ahhh, nothing. Moving on.

He protects religious liberty – unless you’re Muslim, then you can’t come here.

Ok. Saying lots of cool stuff. But, the campaign is over and there’s nothing really going on is there? He speaks of respect and loyalty.

(Camera pan to outside protesting crowd: HUGE.)

Now he’s ragging on the news media. Nice try, we’re not falling for that crap.

You know what – I can’t watch this shit anymore.

I’m out.

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