I just read Barry Bliss’ 42 questions for Liberals.  He points out Liberals “said” nothing when Obama did this and Obama did that.  I agree with his thought process regarding silence from the Liberal side when the prior administrations actions seemed questionable.  However, some of the allegations made are irrelevant – Obama gave 47 jobs to campaign fundraisers.  So what, that’s what campaigns do, even our fellow Republicans?  Some of the allegations are outright false like alleging the George Soros paid protestors to burn Ferguson, Missouri.

Again, I agree with his thought process regarding silence from those in the majority when their administration is clearly “in the wrong”.

And THAT’S where his argument falls apart.

Current REPUBLICAN majority members are either remaining silent or outright supporting some of the policies and insane things the current head of the administration is making.  To suggest that it is alright to do so because members of past administrations did so is one of the classic fallacies of logic.  That is, an argument that provides NO support for your position.  For example, “Joe Blow, did you shot that man for no reason?”, “Yeah, but that guy in Chicago killed someone for no reason too”.  So what, what the hell does one persons actions have to do with yours?  Are you thinking it’s alright to commit a crime because someone else did?

Tu quoque, or you too, is an argument made by those who have no reasonable explanation for their actions and is more commonly used to deflect blame to another party.  I note some of my fellow Republicans are always quick to lash out in advisement to remember Liberals “lost” the election and should get over it, stop being cry babies, and move on.  Hmmm, first: Liberals didn’t lose anything, Hillary did.  And, Trump LOST the popular vote, but I digress; second: then how come every justification for Trump’s unstable actions and rants starts off with, “Well, Hillary did this” or “Well, Obama did that”.  It seems it is us Republicans who can’t let go of the past.

Now, let’s get back to Mr. Bliss’ questionnaire.  Every single one of his 47 questions can be answered as follows: “What does this have to do with Trump?”    

What do any of your questions have to do with the unprofessional, unstatesmanlike, immature, incompetent, unstable actions and comments Trump makes everyday?  Nothing.  And, that’s why your questionnaire is a waste of time bullshit.


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