You People Just Need to Get Over It – You Lost !!!!!

“You people just need to get over it – you lost!!!!”  That seems to be the anthem of the Neo-Nazis, alt-right, KKK, rebel flag waving wannabes.  What they don’t seem to realize is that  I didn’t lose anything.  Maybe the person running in the election lost, but I have nothing to do with that.  I wasn’t “on the team”.

And, the hilarious thing is, it is THEY, who have to get over it.  Not only did they lose, we kicked their ass.  First in the mid 1860’s and then in the mid 1940s.  Joe Blow Americans drew a line, took a stand, and said, “We’re going to stop you”, and we did.  Complete, unconditional surrender was secured from the white supremacy clowns and Nazis in real wars !!!!

Now I can just barely, and I’d have to choke on it, understand the rebel South’s gonna do it again attitude.  Maybe someone’s great grand father fought in the Civil War and served with distinction, but I don’t know of one single person remotely related to a WWII vet who support the Neo-Nazi bozos.

At the end of day, there is a huge difference between the populations held under suppression in the 1860s and 1930s – 1940s – today we have a well armed opponent (the American population who participate in their 2nd Amendment Rights) who will stand up to the alt-Right, KKK, Neo-Nazis violent ways and meet them head on in the street.

Unfortunately, there are signs that the leader of the current administration revels in internal discourse under the belief that infighting, back stabbing, and only the strongest survive creates a strong business.  But, that doesn’t work in real life.  All it will do is create a civil war.  And, it won’t be a matter of only strongest survive.  It will be an open invitation for all of our enemies to walk right in and start cutting up pieces of the American Pie.



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