Core Support Gets Their Ass Kicked

Fascists were able to take over their countries through violence, think Italy and Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s, because no one stood up to them.

Yesterday, our fellow citizens, took to the streets and took the threatening violence head on.

Trumps core support of unemployed, uneducated, ultranationalist bigots went on a march with the full intention of starting a physical confrontation. They had helmets, riot shields, clubs, bats, pepper spray and varied signs (also used as weapons) with slogans displaying their ignorant hatred. But the rest of the population didn't run and hide nor cower.

It is sad and embarrassing for this country to have to stoop down to the level of might is right. But I bet it pleases Trump to see his country gearing towards a civil war. It probably pleases our enemies even more to see our country getting weaker and weaker every day under Trump's lack of leadership skills and his desire to always have people fighting against one another.

And at the end of the day the core of uneducated bigots came looking for a fight, found one, and got their asses kicked.

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