Watching the Conservative Hypocrites in Texas This Weekend

Hurricane Harvey, a category III hurricane, is about to slam into south eastern Texas.  It’s more severe than any Texans thought it would be.  Harvey will then stall for several days and this will lead to catastrophic flooding in parts of Texas.

Having lived on Long Island for 41 years, I know how scary and dangerous this is going to be.  My heart goes out to the few who may lose their lives and to the many will be suffering catastrophic personal property and real property losses.

I recall that Texas has hundreds of thousands if not millions ulta right wing conservatives who don’t believe in social welfare.  They refer to those benefits as entitlements and they are against them because their hard earned tax dollars go to support those less fortunate.

So, I expect that not one of these people will be asking for nor accepting a penny of financial aid the federal government will ultimately release so they can rebuild their lives.

Oh, but wait, they say.  This is different.

Indeed, the only difference is before you didn’t want your tax dollars going to help anyone else.  Now, it’s ok because its everyone else’s tax dollars going to help you.


Phoenix Visit Rebuttal

Trump is here. Why? That should be the end of this post but since he opened his fat mouth here, a response is needed.

Pence says Trump is a man of his word, a man of action, a man of accomplishment. Ah, name one. Trump is NOT delivering on promises. In fact he’s already flipped on several.

How is Trump a friend of the military when he often belittles his generals?

More Americans are working than ever before because, ah, there are more Americans. Not because of anything Trump has done. Pence says when we are united there isn’t anything we can’t do. So, when are we going to be united? Look outside the convention center you idiot. Not much healing and uniting going on.

Trump comes out and he reminds me of someone with all his clapping. Oh yeah, that fat little twerp in North Korea. By the way, fix your tie. And there he goes pushing everyone else off the stage so he can have all the spotlight. Is there REALLY a MAN holding a “Women for Trump” sign??

There aren’t too many people outside protesting?? LIAR – there is a HUGE crowd outside protesting.

Hmmm, I would have liked to have seen the size of the crowd inside but the cameras wouldn’t pan for a view.

Message: fighting for our agenda. Ok, let’s hear what it is. Ahhh, nothing. Moving on.

He protects religious liberty – unless you’re Muslim, then you can’t come here.

Ok. Saying lots of cool stuff. But, the campaign is over and there’s nothing really going on is there? He speaks of respect and loyalty.

(Camera pan to outside protesting crowd: HUGE.)

Now he’s ragging on the news media. Nice try, we’re not falling for that crap.

You know what – I can’t watch this shit anymore.

I’m out.

Please Don’t Prosecute

While we’ve all been distracted by the recent Trump ravings and white suprematist rallies, we’ve forgotten about the “Russia thing”. But, Robert Muller hasn’t and he is forging ahead.

If he has enough evidence against Trump senior, which, frankly, I don’t think he ever will, he should provide that to Congress and the Senate to initiate articles of impeachment. (I admit, I have no idea how that goes down.) Trump can’t pardon himself from impeachment.

But, he can pardon his son if charges are brought and he is tried and convicted.

So, when enough evidence is gathered to charge Junior PLEASE don’t do it until 12:06pm of the next swearing in ceremony.


I just read Barry Bliss’ 42 questions for Liberals.  He points out Liberals “said” nothing when Obama did this and Obama did that.  I agree with his thought process regarding silence from the Liberal side when the prior administrations actions seemed questionable.  However, some of the allegations made are irrelevant – Obama gave 47 jobs to campaign fundraisers.  So what, that’s what campaigns do, even our fellow Republicans?  Some of the allegations are outright false like alleging the George Soros paid protestors to burn Ferguson, Missouri.

Again, I agree with his thought process regarding silence from those in the majority when their administration is clearly “in the wrong”.

And THAT’S where his argument falls apart.

Current REPUBLICAN majority members are either remaining silent or outright supporting some of the policies and insane things the current head of the administration is making.  To suggest that it is alright to do so because members of past administrations did so is one of the classic fallacies of logic.  That is, an argument that provides NO support for your position.  For example, “Joe Blow, did you shot that man for no reason?”, “Yeah, but that guy in Chicago killed someone for no reason too”.  So what, what the hell does one persons actions have to do with yours?  Are you thinking it’s alright to commit a crime because someone else did?

Tu quoque, or you too, is an argument made by those who have no reasonable explanation for their actions and is more commonly used to deflect blame to another party.  I note some of my fellow Republicans are always quick to lash out in advisement to remember Liberals “lost” the election and should get over it, stop being cry babies, and move on.  Hmmm, first: Liberals didn’t lose anything, Hillary did.  And, Trump LOST the popular vote, but I digress; second: then how come every justification for Trump’s unstable actions and rants starts off with, “Well, Hillary did this” or “Well, Obama did that”.  It seems it is us Republicans who can’t let go of the past.

Now, let’s get back to Mr. Bliss’ questionnaire.  Every single one of his 47 questions can be answered as follows: “What does this have to do with Trump?”    

What do any of your questions have to do with the unprofessional, unstatesmanlike, immature, incompetent, unstable actions and comments Trump makes everyday?  Nothing.  And, that’s why your questionnaire is a waste of time bullshit.


Sadness in America, The Loss of Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis passed away today at 91 years of age.  I’ve seen every one of his movies, mostly those with Dean Martin – but all of his solo projects as well.  I watched three of his Labor Day Telethons from start to finish including the one where Frank Sinatra brought out Dean Martin as a surprise special guest.

I am really bummed out.  Thanks to Jerry for being a great part of my growing up days.

Facebook Venting?? Talk about “cry babies”…..

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about “venting” and “not being ashamed” so in response to those who “offer no apology” for supporting him. I’m gonna vent too.

I’ve also lived during the same presidential time periods you mentioned.  But, none of us, including you, can remember anything through from the early 60s to the Nixon Administration and I doubt you have any recollections of political happenings until, maybe, Clinton.  So knock off your bullshit.

Although presidents are scrutinized all the time, the reason why you’ve never “seen or heard” of anything like this before is BECAUSE of what comes out his mouth.  It is he who humiliates members of the public and the press; it is he who threatens to hurt people – well, that might be too strong, but he does use language and phrases encouraging violence against those who speak out against him; and stop crying for his “children”.  His “children” are adults and part of his administration.  One of them is a traitor who tried to collude with our enemies and outright sought their “information” on the other candidate.

Don’t be ashamed of your fellow countryman, be ashamed of the man who has no ethics, no manners, no semblance of statesmanship, no credentials nor ability to lead our nation.  Be ashamed of the boldness and uneducated comments you make in his support.  Be ashamed of your outright disregard and lack of recognition of the TRUTH.  Be ashamed of your “interpretations” of what he says – oh, he was only kidding; oh, what he says in public isn’t how he really feels – no, he means what he says.

I find it hypocritical for you to criticize members of the media for lying (Side note, those who do should be fired.  Someone should start a fake news section and have these trouble makers listed one by one.) when your guy outright lies almost everyday, and gets caught doing it.

If it is your contention that every other president wasn’t on the news 24/7 then you simply fail to realize your guy gives the press and comedians material every day.  He is on social media everyday.  Hey, I’ve got an idea – stop your foolish Twitter posting and get to running the country.

He has no filters, he has an inability to ignore the petty, almost childish arguments he gets himself into.  He has a shockingly high level of immaturity.

He is disrespected because he is disrespectful.  His administration is a joke and people  from other countries outright laugh at us when we visit their country.  I was just in Canada and someone actually laughed when I said where I was from.

You say enough is enough, I agree -enough is enough. He needs to be removed from office due to his incompetence and unstableness. Hopefully the 25th Amendment will relieve this country of the danger this man puts us in every day.

You People Just Need to Get Over It – You Lost !!!!!

“You people just need to get over it – you lost!!!!”  That seems to be the anthem of the Neo-Nazis, alt-right, KKK, rebel flag waving wannabes.  What they don’t seem to realize is that  I didn’t lose anything.  Maybe the person running in the election lost, but I have nothing to do with that.  I wasn’t “on the team”.

And, the hilarious thing is, it is THEY, who have to get over it.  Not only did they lose, we kicked their ass.  First in the mid 1860’s and then in the mid 1940s.  Joe Blow Americans drew a line, took a stand, and said, “We’re going to stop you”, and we did.  Complete, unconditional surrender was secured from the white supremacy clowns and Nazis in real wars !!!!

Now I can just barely, and I’d have to choke on it, understand the rebel South’s gonna do it again attitude.  Maybe someone’s great grand father fought in the Civil War and served with distinction, but I don’t know of one single person remotely related to a WWII vet who support the Neo-Nazi bozos.

At the end of day, there is a huge difference between the populations held under suppression in the 1860s and 1930s – 1940s – today we have a well armed opponent (the American population who participate in their 2nd Amendment Rights) who will stand up to the alt-Right, KKK, Neo-Nazis violent ways and meet them head on in the street.

Unfortunately, there are signs that the leader of the current administration revels in internal discourse under the belief that infighting, back stabbing, and only the strongest survive creates a strong business.  But, that doesn’t work in real life.  All it will do is create a civil war.  And, it won’t be a matter of only strongest survive.  It will be an open invitation for all of our enemies to walk right in and start cutting up pieces of the American Pie.