Hmm, Just Like You and Me

I live in Arizona. I am one of the most viral anti-illegal immigration people you will ever meet. HOWEVER, here is my personal experience regarding encounters and observations of this populace:
1. I never see them sitting on a traffic corner begging for money. I see them standing in home improvement parking lots seeking out work.
2. I see them take their entire family to church on Sundays. Very family and religiously oriented.
3. They are profoundly respectful.
4. They can take a joke – i.e. when you try to speak Spanish and end up offering them “squid salad on the roof of my dog’s head”.
5. I never see one guy working while five others stand around leaning on their shovels. They work their ass off.
6. They, like MY ancestors before them, take lower skilled, perhaps even, menial jobs to support their families.
7. They absolutely help our economy. After all, who can you get to cut down a tree, break it up, and haul it away for $100 bucks. They just saved you $400 bucks and now you can buy groceries and gas for another week, maybe two.
8. Finally, they’re actually very nice people just trying to make it through another day. Hmmm, sort of like you and me.
Here is my solution to the illegal immigration / illegal “staying here” situation. Like everything else in our society money talks. Let them pay a fee to get EXPEDITED green cards or citizenship. I don’t know what that fee should be. People will argue they are too poor to pay a fee. Well, 1. let’s make the fee reasonable and 2. if they are willing to pay some piece of shit mule thousands of dollars, they can afford our fee and cross the border safely rather then 120 degrees in the desert. Finally, a path to citizenship makes them tax payers, contributors to our society, loyal to our country and based on my observations above: brings back a strong work ethic, strong family ties, nice neighbors.
Just a thought.

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