Are File Cabinets Obsolete?

I’m not sure why this question popped into my head this morning as I was walking the dog.  I usually get up between 5:00 and 5:15 and go right out into the morning for Bruno’s 1 mile walk.  It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how many fun things Bruno finds to smell.

In any event, yesterday morning, as I passed by the end of the bed, I hit my right knee on a bench that rests along the bed’s footer.  It reminded me of a file cabinet I used to have in my bedroom when I lived at my parent’s house.  It was one of those two drawer units you could buy at K-Mart (we didn’t have Office Max back then).  You remember, the one with the lock in the upper right hand corner that you pushed in with your thumb and the key that you would proudly put on your key chain because now you had a place to “secure” all your secret papers.

After a while, that thing would get really packed.  Years of tax returns and their supporting documents, insurance policies, union papers, auto loan books, years of monthly checking account statements and the cancelled checks, etc etc.  And, if you weren’t careful and loaded the bottom draw with as much garbage as in the top drawer, it would tip over when you opened the top drawer.

Now, I have a HUGE file cabinet.  It holds all the stuff above PLUS.  But, it’s not real.  It’s virtual.  In the cloud.  And it holds EVERYTHING: photos, videos, emails, owners manuals pulled off the web, employment packages, bank statements, cell phone records – essentially, anything you can scan / digitize and upload.

As I looked around the house today I realized we don’t have one file cabinet.  We do have two of those smaller, hand carried, file storage tubs.  You know, the ones you can carry out to the kitchen table and then push back up onto the shelf in the back of the closet.  But, those are really for documents that are used on a more or less “daily” (well, monthly) basis.

Here is when we return to my original thought.  Are file cabinets now obsolete and going the way of the compact disc player??