Sore Losers and Sore Winners

I’m hoping yesterday was the last. The last of all the pro-Hillary / anti-Trump and of all the pro-Trump / anti-Hillary posts, videos, pictures, captions, cartoons.

I’m not suggesting a big fireside cum-by-ya, just a little peace and quite from the posts that started almost two years ago.

I think most of us are on social media to be, well, social. That is, we thought it would be cool to catch up on the lives or keep up on the lives of our family and friends. Then, we started to see advertisements based on what our browsing history is and “news” from various organizations. Frankly, if I want the news, I’ll go to one of my various news apps. There’s nothing we can do about the advertisements. But, there’s a lot we can do to eliminate the stress, head banging, hair pulling, our side won, you suck even though you won, posts.

It’s getting worse because most of us feel the need to “help our friends and family understand their position is wrong” while alienating those very same friends and family. I bet I lost a lot of followers on Facebook and Twitter with my rants and raves over the past election season. I don’t think one single person was “changed” by my “wisdom”. I bet if I would go back in my timeline and feeds I would shock myself with the number of times I forwarded something from CNN, the NY Times, or the WS Journal and added my own knowledgable commentary.

So, I’m vowing not to make any more political comments.  Well, at least not personal attacks.  If I read about a policy or law, or bill, etc., that I don’t like, I reserve the right to comment on that.

After all, you all have so much to learn from me.  HAAAA!!!!!

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