Reason for Debate Loss

It had nothing to do with the microphone. If the mike fed the tv feed for 80 million people then the mike was not the issue. Perhaps it was the speaker system in the auditorium. 

The reason why Trump lost is because he was not prepared. He has no positions on foreign policy, domestic policy, energy issues, Veteran issues, education, nor anything else of importance to the American public. 

He’s a bully, a liar, someone who actually lives in his own fantasy of greatness, and clearly unqualified as leader of the free world. 

Britain’s Saturday Night Live

I know someone who works for a multinational company. He’s in a technical / sales support role and speaks with people from several continents everyday. The folks from Britain just love our political season for 2016. They think it’s the biggest joke.

Thanks to Hillary and Donald for making us the joke of the world. And shame on anyone supporting these two idiots.

And then we have our third party candidate, Mr. Johnson, who appears stoned half the time and the other time can’t answer simple questions relating to foreign policy matters. Like, name one leader of a foreign country. (Frankly, I can only name four.)