Debate Take Aways – No Fact Checking Needed

1. Donald obviously didn’t prepare. He winged it.

2. Hillary wasted our time with the birth issue. We get it. Donald’s an idiot. But there were a lot of issues I would have rather heard. 

3. Apparently, if you’re into computers you must tip the scales at 400 pounds – according to Donald. 

4. Hillary did flip flop on at least two issues. 

5. The moderator really didn’t have much control. Instead of arguing with the candidates he should have pressed them on the issues. 

6. Both candidates avoided answering the tough questions and either reworded the questions to fit their narrative or simply changed the subject. 

7. Both sides have spin doctors that must have been watching a different debate. 

8. The American public lost 90 minutes that they’ll never get back. 

9. Political comics will have a field day for weeks. 

10. The rest of the world is just shaking their heads. 

11. Hillary kicked Donald’s ass and he better prepare for the next debate. 

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