The Meaing of Life

Plato, Aristotle, Socrates – all sought The Meaning of Life.  Down through the ages man continues his search.

I remember a philosophy class I took at St. Joseph’s College.  During one class the question was debated for, what seemed to me to be, an eternity.  I remember clearly thinking to myself, and I’m not sure exactly why I never shared this, that may be The Meaning of Life is to continually search for The Meaning of Life.  That is, similar to the Styx song, “Hold On” – …. wait, maybe the answer looking for you……

To answer the age old companion question of, “Why Bother – we all die anyway” I say, “The Meaning of Life” is to be curious.  To see what waits down the road, through the years.  Aren’t you curious as to what you will become, if you will ever get married, if you will ever have children, what will your children become…..???

Aren’t your curious about what The Meaning of Life is????

It’s not the answer….. it’s the search !!!!!

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