Homeland Security Funding Shot Down by House Republicans

This is a disgrace.  I will be dropping my registration as a Republican as soon as I can.  The rabid side of the Republican Club, i.e. the Tea Party Conservatives group, has greatly endangered the security of this country.  I hope we will all remember them at election time.  And, if anything happens because of this figurative hostage taking (over the immigration portion of the bill) we should seek a way to criminally prosecute those who voted no.

It’s dinner time.  I lost my appetite.

One thought on “Homeland Security Funding Shot Down by House Republicans

  1. Kevin, the broad spectrum of the politics involved in this is too ncredible to Fathom. It is a divided Conservative Party set up by the current administration to fail from the onset of winning both the House and the Senate. The “Factions” of the Republican Party. The moderates, the RINO’S, then the Teaparty. So we now have a divided party with three separate factions all trying to win favor with constituents Then there is the Democratic Party that is focused to just impede any progress concerning the budget. We have OBAMA using his Pen and his Phone to VETO any Budget that does not include the Imigration Bill. I try not to blame any single person. I will place the blame on the Republican National Congress for allowing the Republican Party to Become divided to the point of not having a focused Adgenda that is to protect the Citizenry of the United States and to uphold the Constitution. So in conclusion we are not stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place. We are stuck between “clowns” to the Left of us, and “Jokers” to the Right. I will continue to do what I’ve always done during the elections. I will vote for the Lesser of the Two Evils. Now as we look toward the 2016 Elections we have 5 potential Republican Candidates, all running on the three different factions of RINO, Moderate and Tea Party. All taking valuable Electoral Votes away from each other. Then Hillary just waiting for the Big Bankroll to come in and demolish what ever the Republicans have to offer. Have a Great Day Kevn. And eat something!


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