Homeland Security Funding Shot Down by House Republicans

This is a disgrace.  I will be dropping my registration as a Republican as soon as I can.  The rabid side of the Republican Club, i.e. the Tea Party Conservatives group, has greatly endangered the security of this country.  I hope we will all remember them at election time.  And, if anything happens because of this figurative hostage taking (over the immigration portion of the bill) we should seek a way to criminally prosecute those who voted no.

It’s dinner time.  I lost my appetite.

The Meaing of Life

Plato, Aristotle, Socrates – all sought The Meaning of Life.  Down through the ages man continues his search.

I remember a philosophy class I took at St. Joseph’s College.  During one class the question was debated for, what seemed to me to be, an eternity.  I remember clearly thinking to myself, and I’m not sure exactly why I never shared this, that may be The Meaning of Life is to continually search for The Meaning of Life.  That is, similar to the Styx song, “Hold On” – …. wait, maybe the answer looking for you……

To answer the age old companion question of, “Why Bother – we all die anyway” I say, “The Meaning of Life” is to be curious.  To see what waits down the road, through the years.  Aren’t you curious as to what you will become, if you will ever get married, if you will ever have children, what will your children become…..???

Aren’t your curious about what The Meaning of Life is????

It’s not the answer….. it’s the search !!!!!

Even Journalists Blame Others For Their Own Actions

There’s some journalist talking head on CNN who is claiming CBS has some culpability for Brian Williams’ story telling because they knew some of his information was wrong.

First, no one has accused him of false reporting from the field nor from the studio. Second, it appears all of his embellishments occurred on either talk shows or private functions.

Now, let’s review. Considering there are some Crossfit Champions that can’t keep up with Seal Team 6, does
anyone believe some Desk Jockey flew into combat with them?

Considering the technology on the helicopter that crashed during the Bin Laden raid was classified and the team went out their way to blow it up and burn it does anyone really believe one of these patriots mailed Brian Williams a small piece of this classified metal??

So, shame on everyone who didn’t call Brian on his bullshit when he told those stories.

(I am not responsible for this post. The Devil made me do it.)