Long Island Trip Day 6

Another full work day in Manhattan. Started off downtown on Broadway and ended up across from Grand Central Station. Originally planned on taking the 6:30 express to Jamaica but missed that. Taxi driver drove his car like he stole it and I was able to make the 7:30 to Babylon with 8 minutes to spare. A little pizza and ½ of a chicken parm later and I was sound asleep by 10:00. Plus column.

Long Island Trip Day 5

Well today was a working day. Took the 7:55 from Great River express to Jamaica. Into Penn. The A train express to Fulton Street and a quick walk to Broadway. Had a great view looking south at the front of Trinity Church. Commute home was just as easy. Finished out the night watching my nephew, Jack’s, baseball game. Plus column.


Long Island Trip Day 1

Got up at 3am this morning to walk the dog and then finish up packing. Was on the road by 4. I made it through security by 5. The plane was right on time. It was empty. I had the entire row to myself. First stop was St. Louis. 10 minutes to get to the next gate. Landed at LaGuardia around 2:55pm. Quick stop at my sister’s house to drop off my bags. Needed a pizza fix so we stopped at Vinnie’s Mulberry Street than the 6:45 Fire Island Ferry to Fair Harbor. Hung out on the Atlantique docks. Sleeping on The Jack Pot tonight. Put this one on the plus column.

Back and Forth

Landed 45 minutes late in Austin at Gate 8. Have 20 minutes to make it all the way across to the other side of the airport for my connecting gate. So I’m standing here listening to all the people say how they can’t wait to see Mickey in Disney. It occurs to me there must have been a gate change. Sure enough. Guess which gate…… Gate 8 where I just came from.