The Christmas Lights are UP!! It’s The Holiday Season……..

I have about 8 sets of the old C9 light strings that I bought from some factory on Motor Parkway, in Hauppauge, 23 years ago.  Believe me, they don’t owe me anything after all this time.  Every once in a while I had to buy replacement bulbs from Pergament (remember that place) or ACE Hardware and then eventually, Lowe’s and The Home Depot.  This year, no one is carrying the old fashioned painted bulbs.  I guess if I looked on Amazon I could find them.  The Home Depot has a clear, colored glass version in different colors for $2.98 for 8.  Considering a box of 4 used to be $9.99 I guess I’ll have to go with those.


Ok – So Maybe I Was A Little Too Goal Aggressive – Day1

After sleeping on it, 50 pounds by New Years Day 2014 is probably way too optimistic but if you shoot for the stars you might land on the moon, right.  I mean, really, I’ve been saying I wanted to do this, get back down to 225, for over 10 years now.  I’m convinced, it’s all about the diet.  Soda has been more or less out of my life for a while now.  I guess, pizza and ice cream are next.  Already took a 2 mile walk, in the rain, with The Bruno but no other exercise planned for today.  Breaking out my Paleo books for a refresher.